Best-Z Trading Inc.

Best-Z Trading is the largest distributor of cast iron teapots located in the Greater Toronto Area. For over 10 years, we have served retailers and wholesalers with our top grade seasoned cookware and cast iron teapots. Best-Z Trading's product line include cast iron and glass teapot, high-end teapot, travel mugs, seasoned cookware, and tea. 

Here at Best-Z, we have an extensive tradition and knowledge in the art of drinking tea and we dedicate our line work to nurture that tradition. The company has made many strides in recent years regarding our public image and our product line continues to expand in order to meet emerging customer needs. With our broad range of customer markets, our products can be found in participating Costco stores all across the county. 

With our head quarters located in Toronto and warehouses stationed all across the country, we are a rapidly expanding business, with a talented and innovative workforce. We are also committed to offering amazing customer service and purse our dream of sharing our tradition of tea with the world.


Contact: 416-800-8378,416-666-7888